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Sakinah writes about Dealing with Negative Self Talk.

Dealing with Negative Self Talk

You sit down at your desk. In your head your characters are alive and grooving and your plot is rock solid. You are ready. You poise your hands above your keyboard (or pen above notepad). Then the negative self talk begins. You hear a voice say, "You … [Read More...]

From One Writer to Another

A future ideal reader to consider.

The Ideal Reader

Do you have an ideal reader? You know the one reader that you think about as you are sculpting your prose; that reader who is sitting on your shoulder as you look for the proper way to turn a phrase, … [Read More...]

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Heidi Hood's book review of Dani Shapiro's Still Writing.

Still Writing — Book Review

Dani Shapiro's Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life is a gentle companion, filled with a myriad of antidotes that helps the writer on their own personal journey. The book is not a how-to guide in the least. It does not go over … [Read More...]

A Spiritual Practice with Dani Shapiro

Jonathan Fields, interviews memoirist, Dani Shapiro. Click to watch.