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Writers have the delusion of getting paid like J.K. Rowling and James Patterson.

The Delusion of Getting Paid

Aspiring writers know the sad truth about the publishing industry -- the pay is lousy. If we should ever get lucky enough to be published, there is a strong chance that we will not be able to quit our day job. The delusion of getting paid like a … [Read More...]

From One Writer to Another

My Daily Word Count? I can totally do 2000 words a day!

Your Daily Word Count

The daily word count is a personal matter, with some authors adhering to actual counts and others taking a time measuring method. I have always used a daily word count (isn't that what all the books … [Read More...]

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Heidi Hood's book review of Dani Shapiro's Still Writing.

Still Writing — Book Review

Dani Shapiro's Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life is a gentle companion, filled with a myriad of antidotes that helps the writer on their own personal journey. The book is not a how-to guide in the least. It does not go over … [Read More...]

A Spiritual Practice with Dani Shapiro

Jonathan Fields, interviews memoirist, Dani Shapiro. Click to watch.