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Note from Moderator (August 9, 2015): – We will be processing new memberships (or return memberships) that came in over June and July. If you have not heard from Moe please email her. 

Think you want to join BIW? Please read everything through first.

You have read the website (and the FAQ) and now you want to join the BIW community. Two things need to occur before that can happen. Please read everything here before following through with a step. Unless stated these are non-negotiable requirements:

Joining BIW is now a Two Step process.

STEP ONE: To participate in the BIW community you need an account. Setting up your account is done manually by the BIW Moderator. To do so the following information is required. Please copy and paste with correct information into the “contact” form (with subject line “BIW New Member”) under the banner heading:

Part A/

-Why you want to join our group?
-Where did you learn about our group?
-What kind of writing do you do?

Part B/

– User name (lower case. This is used for logging in):
– First Name:
– Last Name:
– Email:
– City:
– Country:
– 100 to 200 word bio written in third person (for your profile page):
– Website/Blog(optional)
– A Head shot (the moderator will respond to your initial email requesting this)

Privacy Notice: The above information is used only within the context of the group. It is not shared with outside sources without your permission. Personal information is not visible by non-members and the city and country are not visible by other members. We use real names and real photos which are visible to all members (pen names can be explained in your bio). You have control over whether your email is visible to members or not.

STEP TWO: As of May 2007 Book-in-a-week requires new members to make a small $3 non-refundable payment via PayPal. The link to do this can be found below. If your Paypal account is different than the the one you use for your writing groups, please include the name and email you are using for your groups in the description so your payment can be matched with your membership. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use Paypal. To the left of the login box on Paypal’s website are directions for what to do if you “Don’t have a PayPal account?”



Please note: If you happen to join during an active BIW period (which begins the Thursday prior to the start of BIW) then your membership will not be reviewed until the Tuesday after its conclusion.

Happy Writing!

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M. E. Wood lives in Eastern Ontario with her husband of fifteen years. She has been moderating BIW for over nine years and works on the Internet. You can learn more about her projects on her official website.