Helpful Tools

  • Write Or Die – A productivity website that offers an online task manager as well as a downloadable desk top version. Basically, you enter a word and time goal and it will turn red and yell at you when you stop typing. The desk top version allows you to control when and how often the program gets mad at you. This program has been a great motivator for many BIW members. And it only costs $10.
  • Writing Calendar – Julie Hood offers a fabulous calendar to help get you and your writing organized. Download the pdf calendar and while you’re there sign up for her weekly reminders. A valuable resource for writers.
  • Homonym List – Alan Cooper has compiled an easy to read list of over 700 sets of common homonyms every writer should be able to distinguish between.
  • BIW Desktop Wallpapers – Put inspiration and links for BIW necessities at your fingertips with these desktop wallpapers.
  • The Organized Writer – Spend the next 30 days getting yourself organized with Julie Hood’s book, “The Organized Writer.”
  • What They Pay – Brenda Hiatt has collected what the major and minor publishers are paying on average for new books based on advances, and earn out. Not all publishers but does give you and excellent idea of what to expect or ask for.
  • The Snowflake Process for Writing a Novel – This one gets talked about a lot on our list. You can read about it at Randall Ingermanson website.
  • 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style by Matt Madden – “inspired by a work of the same name by the French writer Raymond Queneau.”
  • Mary Fisk’s Tracking Sheet – An excel program created by Mary Fisk. The only column that allows data entry is D – Word Count. The only Rows that contain cells which permit data entry are 2 and 3 – where you can change daily goal, month, project length, start and completion dates, Working Title, Previous words and BIW month. The cells in row D are set up so that once a word count is entered on Monday, all the rest of the days reflect that word count. However, once you actually type in a word count on Tuesday (or any subsequent day) the formula is erased for that day.
  • Olgy’s Excel Tracking Sheet – Olgy transformed my Word Tally sheet into a colourful one that does all the adding for you.
  • Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do) – The title is self explanatory as to content. This website is by Pat Holt former book editor and critic at The San Francisco Chronicle for 16 years. There are a few other articles and you can also sign up for newsletter for more “critical commentary about the publishing and bookselling industry.”
  • Fifty Writing Tools – A collection of writing articles by Roy Clark from Poynter Online.
  • NanoWriMo Report Card – An excellent Excel document that helps you easily monitor your daily NanoWriMo progress. If you’re a visual person then you’ll love this.
  • Which Harlequin Category Best Suits Your Work – A mind maps of sorts that asks you questions about your novel leading you to the write category to submit to.
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