Copyright Information

  • Lawgirl’s Copyright Basics – An upbeat approach to learning about copyright in simple comprehensible lingo. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it still a good resource to start.
  • What is Copyright Protection – Basic and general copyright information all on one page. Laid out by a licensed corporate attorney.
  • Understanding Rights and Copyright – An article by Moira Allen from Writing-World on how copyright affects us as writers in our every day dealings with editors.
  • Protect Your Electronic Rights – Moira Allen discusses electronic rights as they relate to: contracts, terms, archiving, and websites.
  • Understanding Contracts – How to understand a writing contract, the terms of common contracts, making your own contract and what a contract isn’t.
  • Rights and Why They’re Important – A must read article by Marg Gilks on the different kinds of writing contracts out there and what they mean for the writer and contractor.
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