Welcome to BIW’s home on the web. This group has been a source of encouragement for hundreds of writers for ten years.

Writer's Digest 101 Best WebsitesIt is an honor to be listed in the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Our motto continues to be BIC HOK TAM, which means butt in chair, hands on keyboard, typing away madly. This is the best way we know of to get any writing done.

We hope you will join us in meeting our writing goals.

BIW List Moderator/Webmaster

What Members Are Saying:

“I’ve been a member of the BIW writing group moderated by Maureen for a few years. She runs the group and it’s website so tightly that the website is a multi-award winner. And Maureen helps me to help myself nurture the fiction writer within me. In addition, the BIW group keeps me grounded mentally. Thank-you Maureen!”

“There’s something about BIW – something about us all being in this together – that motivates me to push to make my goal no matter what else comes my way. I could never write this many pages if it weren’t for your encouragement and the support of such a great group of writers. After all, the first year I started writing my first novel, I wrote only about 25 pages and kept mulling them over and rewriting them ad nauseum! Since joining BIW exactly 3 years ago, I’ve written three books in the series, am about to submit the first one after much revision, and have written several other shorter pieces – a total of over 2000 pages worth of writing. Thank you very much for providing the place and incentive for me to do this.” — Elaine

“BIW is by far the best internet writers group I have ever participated in. It’s a great community of people, and the way the admin keeps it all together is brilliant. Thanks for starting it, and for keeping it going… I appreciate it every first of the month.” — Heidi H.

“This group has helped me more than I can say – the discipline of writing intensely for a whole week each month and the encouragement I’ve received has given me the heart to continue.This group has helped me more than I can say – the discipline of writing intensely for a whole week each month and the encouragement I’ve received has given me the heart to continue.” –Carol W.

“BIW is strenuous but not stressful; meaning, the only pressure to meet our goals comes from the inside not from something external (like job pressure). Although people may use the BIW of course to meet external goals, like deadlines for editors, etc.” — Shelley

“There is incredible support and friendship available in a writing group such as this one. There are members who have been with BIW for years and profess they would likely not finish their novels without the help and motivation found at BIW. Also, the international community here is quite unique. BIW is no fly-by-night club – and it has a lot of good things going for it. (Just my 2 cents)” — Wendy W.

“It’s an incredibly positive group. What other group have any of us found where we have so much interaction but no backbiting, sniping, name calling, and the like? This is seriously a positive group and nothing but positive energy seems to stick.” — Laurie

“BIW is the greatest invention since the light bulb!” — Mette

“Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words! I was flipping through my journal last weekend and found the passage in which I said I wanted to re-join BIW so that I’d do a better job of setting goals (and reaching them). That was in January, and my first BIW was in February. I’d written about 50 pages of the book I’m working on…and this week I hope to finish it. I think that proves what the discipline of BIW can do for us all. Something that’s really changed for me is thinking I can only write in the morning. Because I’m motivated to reach my goal, I write in the afternoon and evenings sometimes, too.” — Pam

Thank you for your kind note and for all that you do to make BIW possible. Because of the work you do here, I’ve done more writing in anticipation of BIW then I ever have before. You’ve changed my life!” — Stacy

Ever since I started doing BIW, I’ve found myself making more and more time for writing and chucking many of my excuses for not writing. Before I started BIW, I wrote whenever I felt inspired (which varied between a few days a week to a couple of days a month). In 2009, I started BIW and I wrote outside of BIW about once a week. Last year I was able to get it up to a couple of times a week outside of BIW. This year, I have a consistent schedule and I’m up to four times a week! I love writing and your site has definitely helped me improve my writing consistency. As I always tell my boyfriend about your website: it’s one of the top ten best ideas ever! (Well at least for me!)” — Sakinah

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About Maureen Wood

M. E. Wood lives in Eastern Ontario with her husband of fifteen years. She has been moderating BIW for over nine years and works on the Internet. You can learn more about her projects on her official website.