Server Issues

Greetings BIWers,

I am sorry for the sporadic internet service this month. I have been pulling my hair out with my current hosting company to no avail so I am preparing to switch all my sites over to a new host.

Hopefully the change over will be completed by Monday because I will be taking a much needed sabbatical away from technology. That’s right, no blogging, no internet, no Twitter, no Instagram, no iPod, no email (not the tv, let’s not go to crazy) — so if you see me on any make sure you kick me off. It has been a few years since I have had a real break so this will start on Monday and continue through to the following Monday.

I am looking forward to recharging the batteries, getting some painting done and maybe some knitting, if my fingers remember even remember how.

Talk to you soon!

BIW Moderator

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