Catching Inspiration

Your best ideas are going to strike at the most inopportune times. The best way to catch those eureka moments that spring up throughout the day is to be prepared for them.

Catch a falling star.In the car, store a cheap voice recorder. Store a notebook (and pen) in a drawer in the bathroom, on the beside table, in your bag/purse, in the kitchen and anywhere else you find yourself with ideas an no place to put them.

If you know great ideas come to you in the sauna then take some paper and pen in with you to capture them (do not take a cherished notebook).

My Favorite Notebook

Nothing compares…

My absolute favorite notebook is the moleskine. I have been using them now for almost a decade and highly recommend them to any writer or journaler or artist.

They come with different kinds of paper ranging from graphed to lined to blank. I have a blank one beside my chair for doodling and a lined one in my bag to capture ideas.

Moleskines come in different sizes ranging from hand size to magazine size. I find the midline most convenient for recording thought out ideas.

Talking About Your Ideas

There are a many different voice recorders on the market from tape cassette (yes I still have mine) to digital recorders. The world has become so digitized it seems like the way to go whether it is a separate recorder just for your notes or an app on your phone — I have one on my iPod that I have used on occasion but overall it does not fit me. Try it though, so you can rule it out.

Separate recorder options can range in price from $25 to $65. Your ideas are worth at least that much. Sure there are more expensive options on the market but you can always upgrade later if you find you are using it more and more.

Institute a Plan

If you do not already have a plan for catching inspiration when it strikes now is the time to do so. Figure out what method works for you and institute making it accessible… everywhere! The key to catching your ideas is being prepared. Now go get ready for the next flow of creativity.

If you have a tip for catching inspiration when it strikes feel free to leave a suggestion below.

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    Moe, I think you are spot on about having something to write on everywhere. I can’t keep track of any single object for very long. I use cheap 3×5 and 5×8 scratchpads. Then I invested in the Levenger Circa/ Staples Arc system. I bought some rings cheap from Staples and the all-out sturdy punch from Levengers. I use my own paper. I have found the plastic covers to be worth the money after my cardstock covers broke down. What’s great about the system is that the stamps aren’t holes, but slots that grab the rings, so you can pull pages out, rearrange, move them among notebooks, and you can stamp the holes in anything, from an index card to a napkin to an article from the paper. if it’s delicate, I attach it to real paper. now I don’t have notes floating all over that i don’t know what to do with. Granted, I have a circa ‘binder” of notes i don’t know what to do with, but at least they are in one place. They support my theory that overcategorizing ideas can be a bad idea anyway. Something that strikes your fancy today might mean something else to you in a few years. It’s good as a writer to have some random filing. For me, anyway. As for the two systems, beware. You have to sort through lots of expensive speciality papers and leather covers to get to the basics. But they are there.

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