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How to Prepare for a Conference

How to Prepare for a Writing Conference

It is conference season again and hopefully you were persuaded by my previous article, 7 Reasons to Attend Writing Conferences, that attending a writing conference is a great experience for any writer. But how do you make the most of a writing … [Read More...]

From One Writer to Another

The Improv lesson of You, And as it applies to writing.

The Improv Lesson of “Yes, And”

A couple of years ago, I signed up for an improvisational theatre class. At the time, I spoke very quickly, fumbled over words, and often experienced deer-in-the-headlight moments. I figured improv would help me think more quickly on my feet and also … [Read More...]

So you think you can write? Just wait until your editor gets a hold of your manuscript!

So You Think You Can Write

When I was offered a contract last year by Harlequin, I was not only excited but relieved as well. I believed that my writing had finally reached the point where it was publishable. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening! I was assigned to an editor … [Read More...]

My Daily Word Count? I can totally do 2000 words a day!

Your Daily Word Count

The daily word count is a personal matter, with some authors adhering to actual counts and others taking a time measuring method. I have always used a daily word count (isn't that what all the books say to do?) but for some authors daily word counts … [Read More...]

Become a List Maker

Become a List Maker

It is quite possible that as a writer, you are juggling a lot of writing balls. You might be working on your novel. You might have an assignment due for a magazine. Or perhaps you are trying to get a short story written for a contest deadline. You … [Read More...]

Stop hanging out on phone and get busy writing.

Get Busy Writing

For many of us, writing is a passion. We observe, daydream, jot notes, and become lost in our worlds. Then we come to the paper or the computer and bring those worlds to fruition. We are storytellers. We are artists. Yet, even if we are in the middle … [Read More...]

Blanket rejection letter to writers.

Dealing With Rejection

Dealing with rejection is something that every writer has to go through at some point in their lives. Even if publishing is never an end goal and the only reason you write is to entertain yourself, eventually someone is going to reject your writing … [Read More...]

Stephanie Cage's review of Creative Kickstart App.

Creative Kickstart App Review

Creative Kickstart is the Android app equivalent of a book of writing prompts. If you are feeling stuck, the app will offer randomly selected ideas to get you started. The free version provides just a hero and a creature, with Creative Kickstart Pro … [Read More...]

Unlikeable Characters

Unlikeable Main Characters

Can your Main Characters be unlikeable? Apparently they can, judging by two books I have read recently. Actually, in both instances the main characters were not only unlikeable but there was nothing redeeming about them. Nothing made me feel … [Read More...]

Three Ways to Craft Your Dialogue.

Crafting Dialogue

Dialogue is one of the tale-tell signs of believability for characters in writing. "Hello," Michael said. "Anna, it's been nearly seventeen years since I've last seen you. My, you look the same. Brown hair, brown eyes, about five feet, six … [Read More...]